June 29, 2024

Let's Celebrate

We are so excited to celebrate our marriage with friends and family next summer at the Minnetonka Yacht Club! Join us for an evening with live music on the island! We met sailing and cannot wait to share this with you! 

Please join us for brunch in the Wayzata room at the Hotel Landing, located on the second floor. Brunch will be served from 9-10:30AM. Please join us to say hello before you depart! Coffee & quick pastries are also available for those who may need to depart early. 

Sunday Brunch

Hotel Landing, Wayzata

Let's Celebrate

Please join us on the island for an evening of cocktails, dancing, and bites to celebrate our marriage!  The shuttle will depart from the Hotel Landing in Wayzata which will bring you to the boat. The island is a quick boat ride away! We cannot wait to dance the night away with you! 

Saturday Night

Light House Island 

of Events

Getting to the Island: 

Shuttle from Wayzata

A shuttle will run from Hotel Landing in Wayzata beginning at 6pm. You are welcome to park in Wayzata and catch the shuttle even if you are not a hotel guest. Parking near the yacht club is quite limited. 

Boat to the Island

Two boats will be running to the island throughout the evening! The boat ride is a quick ride. Please ensure you catch the last boat at 10:45 when the band finishes playing. 

What if I need to leave early 

If you are local or need to leave early, very limited parking is available at Park Avenue for Deephaven residents or at Carsons Bay. Please find details here or give Hallie a quick call before the big day! 


What if i'm local and would like to drive

If you are local and wold like to drive to the island, there is limited parking available at Park Avenue in Deephaven and also additional parking at Carsons Bay. The two shuttle boats to the island will run every 15 minutes to pick up guests from each location throughout the eventing.  Each  location also includes a sailing radio to radio the boat drivers if needed. 

May I boat to the event 

Yes, absolutely! If you are local, you are welcome to boat to the island for the event. Please park on the sailing school docks instead of around the perimeter of the island, thank you! 

What if I need to leave early

What if i'm not staying at hotel landing 

If you need to leave early, no problem at all! The boat and also the shuttle will be running throughout the evening. Please catch the boat back to the shuttle that will take you to Wayzata every 30 minutes throughout the evening. 

You are welcome to take the shuttle to and from Wayzata to the Hotel Landing even if you are not a hotel guest. Wayzata is an easier location to catch an Uber or ride to your hotel or home. 

Children on the island

All children under the age of 12 must wear a lifejacket on the island at all times per the regulations of the Minnetonka Yacht Club. If you need assistance, the yacht club would be happy to help you locate a proper floatation device for your little one! 

- XO Hallie & Andrew

We are so excited to celebrate with you!